Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Week 8, Term 2 Questions - Senior

Answer the following question:

What are the different parts of solar panels?
(Make sure you use the correct names.)


  1. I think 1 part of a solar panel is a Photovoltic cell which is used to produce electricity.
    By Fazil

  2. Hi Solar stars,

    Parts to a solar panel are front Contact, back contact, n-Type semiconductor. p-Type semiconductor, Anti-reflection coating, transparent adhesive, cover glass, substrate and photovoltaic cells?
    (I think they are wrong but that's what the internet said)


  3. Some of the solar panel parts include an inverter, rechargeable batteries (for use at night), a charge controller (a device that prevents the batteries from over-charging),2 x circuit breakers (one before the inverter and one after), and interconnection wiring. There is sometimes also a transformer after the inverter.

    Emily Room 12

  4. Hi Solar Stars,
    I had to do some research and the internet said that the names of the solar panels are head, shoulders, arms, hands, butt, legs, feet and monkeys nose. Pretty funny:]
    from Brenna in team 12

  5. Hi, Sam here
    The different parts of a solar panel are, Photovoltaic (PV) Cells, DC Wiring and an Inverter.

  6. To the solar stars

    The different parts of a solar panel are the photovoltaic Cells the glass the Anti-reflective coat the electricity and the semi conductor.

    I hope I get it correct.

    From Katherine

  7. I Think the different parts of a solar panel is water piping-for collecting power and hot water
    also wiring for collecting the power.

    From Rhiannon
    in team12

  8. Hi solar stars,

    This is what I think.
    The different types of the solar panels are glass, backsheet,panel housing,and also solar cells. I also had to research this answer because I didn't know.I hope you solar stars like my answer:)

    From Tia in Team 12

  9. Solar Stars,
    I think the parts of a solar panel are photovoltaic cells, frame, terminal box, negative contact, positive contact and the glass coating on top. Thanks solar stars I hope I got it right.
    From Ariana :)

  10. Solar panel cells, Solar panel power side, Solar panel back side and Solar panel junction box.
    From room15