Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Solar Questions

Here are the questions the Solar Stars asked in assembly!

Where are the solar panels?

Why do the solar panels face north?

Why are the panels important to our school?

Leave your answers in the comments box.

Thank you  


  1. To the Solar Stars,

    I think the panels are important to our school because they help us have free energy from the sun. They help us power lights and everything that needs power to work

  2. To the Solar Stars,
    (Senior answer)
    I think they are important to us because they give us free energy from the sun so we can power lights and every other thing in our school that uses energy to work.

    By Bailey (from Room 15)

  3. Senior question
    I think the solar panels are inportant for our school because the sun gives us energy. So you dont have to keep using up all the electricity.
    Lorenz Mekuli.

  4. The solar panels face to north because thats the direction the sun is at the hottest time of the day therefore the photovoltaic panels get more energy to make more electricity. Room10

  5. senior question

    I think that the solar panels are good for the school because they lower the electric bill by using the suns rays. If we didn't have them there would be a huge electric bill to pay

    nazaryth (room12)

  6. To the solar stars
    Senior answer
    I think solar panels are important because they generate electricity so we have a smaller power bill and we have more money to pay for other important learning tools.
    By Emily room 12

  7. hi
    i think we have solar panels so we can get free energy from the sun and so we do not use up alot of power.
    kayla room12

  8. I think the solar pannels are importent so we dont need to use heaps of power

  9. Hello,
    I think solar pannels are so important to our school because we are using energy from the sun. There for we will have a smaller power bill.

    Ariana room12

  10. To solar stars,

    I think solar panels are important to the school because then the power bill won't cost as much. Also it is a renewable energy source so it won't harm the enviroment.

    From Brooke

  11. To Solar stars,
    Senior quistion
    I think solar panels are important to our school because we are an enviromental school.The solar panels reduce our power bills, Its also good because they are renewable and sustainable which means they don't put pollution in our air so its better for everyone.

    from melissa [room12]

  12. Hi
    I think that the solar panels are important to our school because the power bills wont be so high
    Brenna room12

  13. To the Solar stars:
    I have an answer for the seniors
    The solar panels can produce our own electricity and prevents
    unwanted costs for power bills in some areas.
    It is also important, as it is a renewable source of energy
    and is an alternative source at sunny times.
    Chayse Room 12 Tuesday 18th September

  14. Hi

    I think the solar panels are important because then everyone in our school can get a lot of free energy from the sun so then we cant use a lot of power.

    By Savannah (room12)

  15. hi this is for the solar stars
    Because if we do have electricity we can use the solar panels to get eleectricity for our school.
    (Usman room12)

  16. HI i think we need solar panelsso we don't need to use heaps of power and don't need to pay more money.

    BY Raniera

    FROM room12

  17. I think that it is because the sun faces north
    Sarah and Roczen

  18. We went on a hunt to find the solar panels and we found them on the library roof. Check out Room 4's blog to see where they are.


  19. I think because it saves the school lots of money and so we dont run out of money to buy things

    from Maia in room 14

  20. Hi, solar stars

    I think that the solar panel are important to us because we get electricity from them and that is how we run the library.

    By: Shreeya from Rm 14

  21. I think so that we don't have to pay more money for energey.We can just use our solar panels.

    Room 14 Emerson

  22. i think soler panles are important because when the suns rase hits the soler panles it creats eletricty that helps the school save money on power and it is kinda resourceful

    JC in room14

  23. Room14 cajun Well solar panels are inportent because they can give as energy for the school libary.

  24. Solar Stars I think the solar pannels are important to our school because we can use the elctricity to power some of the lights in our school and so we can be an enviro friendly school.
    Nucler power is not enviro friendly
    Ella Rm 14

  25. Why I think we need solar panles is because if we diden't have them the school woulden't have any power for the computers and we would always have to write our storys and would not be able to print things.By Jordan

  26. My anser for solar stars is to save power for the lights libirys and schools everyone needs power.

  27. My answer to the Senior question is:

    we can get power for free in the library and we can be one of the few school's in NZ that have them, it's a great way to have sustainable power.

    By Alannah in Room14

  28. Dear Solar Stars

    Solar Panels are a great way to get electricity and save money.

    Like the said in the production you need to use sun for energy not nuclear power stations.

    By Bronte in Room 14

  29. Middle question: The solar panels face north because the sun rises in the east ands sets in the west. The sun is in the North when it is the hottest part of the day.
    From Room 7

  30. (middle question)Is it because the sun is north and it's turns the earth.Rory.(room9)

  31. It is important to the school because it dose not use power.
    By sam